Tailor made Flag Printing - is White a Shade?

This problem I do not seriously get asked, i see it more when somebody requests a quotation and say's "I want a custom made flag produced using my symbol the colors in my symbol are navy blue, crimson, yellow and white"

Soon after currently being a personalized flag maker for many years I have found out that numerous tailor made flag makers which are available Primarily the a single's over the internet, those that You do not see, they are saying that the customized flag earlier mentioned is four shades when they send out the quotation and will charge you for it.

So Here's slightly secret that I will share along with you right now so hear meticulously

The custom flag over is simply 3 colours and I'll let you know WHY?

White is not a color, It's not Utilized in in any case.

Whenever we display print onto the flag substance if you can find 6 shades inside your logo then we will use six hues eg: blue, red, yellow, inexperienced, black, violet

The color white isn't applied, the flag materials is white so once we make the film to utilize to screen print your logo the portion which is designed to be white we do not use any shade.

So next time you go to have a customized flag designed be shore the tailor made flag maker Never cost you for the colour white. Should you have white within your emblem the flag makers will use white material, most flags are monitor printed on white drapeau martiniquais material in any case Never be court out.

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